Our Babies

Two Special Cats… 

The 2 cats, on our logo, and the purrchase button, are actually my kitties. The Siamese looking one is Kodiak (he is actually a Mitted Seal Point Ragdoll) and the black and white 
one is Jada. I have to share a little about them and why this is so special. Jada was killed in January of 2004. He was my baby and his death was very hard for me. Kodiak came to live with us in June, 2004.  


A friend had to find new homes for him and his sister. I took Kodiak. He is a yr and a half old and so precious. He has a lot of Jada’s qualities and quirks. I sometimes think Jada is telling him things. lol I sent copies of photos of them to Michelle, at Treasured Pages, and she captured both kitties purrfectly.


Jada was my sweet baby. I miss him a lot. He had the softest fur, like rabbits fur. When he sat behind you on the couch he had to be touching you and eventually he would end up lying on your shoulders or the back of your neck. If you were lying on your side, he had to climb up on you and sprawl out on your side. He was a pack rat and loved to carry off your socks. When he was just a kitten, he would pick up the rolled up socks, which were too big for him, and waddle off with them. He also didn’t like to be alone, he would come into whichever room you were in. Kodiak has quite a few of his little antics, which makes him very special to me. I know Jada is talking to Kodiak and sharing his quirks to keep us all guessing down here.

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