Tilly Mae

Birthdate: August 2010 (approx)


TillyTilly Mae was thought to have been left behind when her family moved out of their apartment. She befriended a lady in another complex who couldn’t take her in but did feed her regularly. When she knew Tilly was pregnant, she knew she didn’t want her kittens born outside in the Winter elements so she called us to help her. We took Tilly in and she blessed us with 5 kittens. Although, Tilly was a very young mother, just a kitten herself really, she was a very good momma.  She was very tolerant of us, strangers to her, but she was very trusting, so you knew she had once been someone’s pet.

Tilly Mae

Tilly was very thin, despite having food to eat, pregnancy and nursing took it’s toll on her, she didn’t gain an ounce.  After the kittens were weaned and her milk dried up she began to fill out. Today she is a beautiful healthy cat.

She has an instant purr when you pet her or even talk to her. She likes to be held, sometimes for limited time, other times she will just lounge on your lap. She is a nipper though, when you stop petting her, she will nip your hand to let you know she is not done.



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